-Changing the outcome or product of a lesson means to find different ways to reach learning goals and outcomes in order to support the strengths of one’s students. -This is done in three ways:

1.Changing the entry points

2.Changing the exit points

3.Prove that student mastery has taken place (assessment)

-Changing the outcome of a lesson is important because it allows PLC to determine what students are earning and establish how they are learning it. It also shows which methods are successful and those which are not. “When teachers differentiate by changing the product, when they foster challenge and choice in acceptable end products, they are practicing differentiation in authentic ways (Fogarty and Brian, 2010, loc. 2530). Laura Robb (2008) also states a valid rationale for differentiating the content of lessons. In her book, Teaching Reading: A Differentiated Approach, she states that “ the textbooks students use in middle school are written at or above grade level and are difficult for many students to comprehend. A full 70 percent of U. S. middle and high school students require differentiated instruction, which is instruction targeted to their individual strengths and weaknesses”.

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