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Exit Tickets

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Just as teachers can change how a lesson begins, they can change the way the lesson ends. When designing lesson plans and their outcomes, teachers need to have a way of determining that learning has occurred. “To change the exit points for expressing what one knows and is able to do, teachers can again use the spectrum of intelligences as a framework” (Fogarty and Brian, 2010, loc. 2672). And just as in changing the entry points, teachers can give students different options to show their learning.

Five Strategies

1.KWL Chart- students fill out the KWL chart which they will list what they knew before the lesson, what they wanted to learn, and what they did learn

2.“Be sure to...”- students create a statement that reflect on what they have learned that starts with the term “Be sure to”.

3.Exit tickets- requires students to answer questions that the teacher asks at the end of the lesson. Questions can be simple and encourage students to think about what they learned.

4.Journal entry- students write a brief synopsis of what they learned in their learning journal

5.3-2-1 cards-students write down 3 things they learned, 2 questions they have on the lesson, and 1 thing they want to share with the teacher about the lesson.

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