Differentiating Instruction, 6-12, Part I Student Choice and Multiple Modes of Learning02:15

Differentiating Instruction, 6-12, Part I Student Choice and Multiple Modes of Learning

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“Changing the entry points to the learning involves changing the modality of the learning. Modalities are different modes or methods of learning that provide varying ways to approach the lesson, thus setting a path for possible or probable ways to exit the learning (Fogarty and Brian, 2010, loc. 2561). The methods of learning used can be based off student learning profiles of Gardner’s 8 Intelligences. Entry points can be tailored around student’s intelligences. When changing the entry points, teachers allow students to pick their own method of learning, which allows them to connect with the material in a more personalized manner suited to their learning profile.

Five Strategies

1.Learning Menus: a list of different activities that students can choose from that addresses the different learning styles of the students.

2.5 + 1: learning strategy where the teacher instructs for five minutes, then the students ask questions or reflect on what they’ve learned for one minute and the cycle repeats for the duration of the lesson.

3.Jigsaw Method: Sort students into groups and assign each a task. Each group is to discuss with the class the results of their task. The open discussions allow for greater understanding of the content.

4.Mnemonics: Using phrases and keywords to help students remember content taught

5.Think-Tac-Toe: Students choose an option of learning from a tic-tac-toe board with choices listed.

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